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Twinship with Rac Siliguri Greater District 3240

  • Title of the project: Twinship with Rac Siliguri Greater District 3240
  • Date: 10th Aug 2017
  • Time: 5 PM onwards
  • Venue: Kakarvitta Water Drinking and Sanitation Hall
  • Project Objective: To mantain Mutual relation ship between clubs to develop leadership and also work together with for future project.
  • Project Avenue: International Service
  • Sub avenue: N/A
  • Beneficiaries: All The rotractors of Both Club And District 3292 & District 3240.

Project Details: The Twinship with Rac Siliguri Greater District 3240 was done In the Presnece of Zonal Rotaract Representative (ZRR) Sharad Joshi , Assistant Governor (AG) Rtn. Kumar Giri as well as President of RAC Kakarvitta Rtr. Krisna Kafle ,Twin Club Secretary Rtr. Anusha Sharma of Rotaract Club of Silguri Greater sign the Memoranum Of Understanding (MOU) and share each other to commit  themselves to work togther in unison and direct their efforts jointly towrads the achievement of larger goals.

What is Twin Club?
Twin clubs are two clubs from different countries that have agreed to partner with each other to
complete a special program. This involves the personal participation of Rotaractors, be it in a
service project or simply a friendship exchange.

Goals of Twin Club Relationships
♦ To emphasize the international aspect of Rotaract service and friendship
♦ To establish a long-term relationship with another club that will lead to ongoing
♦ To enhance understanding of another culture and foster goodwill

Determining Club Compatibility
Finding a suitable partner should be a club effort. In the search for a partner, clubs should first be
able to clearly identify their interests, strengths, and weaknesses. When selecting a partner,
consider clubs that:
♦ Hold similar interests
♦ Face similar challenges
♦ Possess expertise in an area that their club would like to improve
♦ Are located in a geographical region of interest to club members
♦ Share a common language or have resources available for translation/interpretation

Establishing a Relationship
Careful planning and clear communication is essential to establishing a strong relationship. Like
any other worthwhile project, Rotaract twin clubs take time and effort. Ensuring that each club
clearly understands its role and responsibilities in the partnership is key. To formalize the
relationship, clubs may wish to sign a simple letter of agreement, which outlines the goals and
length of the partnership. Use your imagination and collect innovative ideas for building your
twin club relationship. Some ideas for developing a strong relationship include the following:
♦ Establish a pen pal/e-mail network to correspond with twin club Rotaractors
♦ Undertake a small international or community service project
♦ Participate in a friendship exchange by arranging Rotaractor visits
♦ Observe a mutual day or weekend to celebrate the partnership
♦ Exchange project or club program ideas
♦ Hold a videoconference or web-based meeting
♦ Exchange handicrafts and local products

Reporting Your Twin Club Relationship to RI
If your Rotaract club would like to share details about its successful twin club relationship,
submit a short excerpt (approximately 500 words) to Rotaract. Be sure to include the names of the
Rotaract clubs, district numbers, and contact information for both clubs. Reporting a Rotaract
twin club relationship allows RI to quantify how many clubs are involved, identify the variety of
programs undertaken, share the information with other Rotaract clubs, and recognize clubs for
their accomplishments.

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